Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How customers think of ThinkPad X230?

The best Laptop Ever!!!
Date: Oct 15, 2013

I am very satisfied with this product. Specially after selecting 16GB of ram to help out with VM hosts. Graphic is great, perfect size... I successully built a laptop that matched my needs :P I really recommend it !

Superb Hardware
Date: Apr 27, 2013
pros (13) Battery,Input/Output compatibility,Weight,Processor,Durability,Software compatibility,Memory,Bluetooth,Video card,Wireless card,Keyboard/peripherals,Build Quality,Display performance
cons (3) Display resolution,Included Software,Screen size

Like: - IPS display, it's really worth it - Keyboard lets me type like a demon - Chassis, super solid and great industrial aesthetic, this is no piece of apple jewelry - Great ventilation - Super easy to repair/upgrade - Works great with Ubuntu - MSATA slot for an SSD (for Ubuntu, perhaps) Dislike: - 1366x768 resolution... whyyyy??? - Bloatware, including something called "Windows" - Small-ish trackpad, I carry a mouse - HDD

Best Yet
Date: Mar 27, 2013
pros (6) Battery,Weight,Processor,Durability,Keyboard/peripherals,Build Quality

Bought the X230 last August to replace my several-year-old X200, which in turn had replaced some older model! I'm a satisfied Lenovo customer, obviously. I use it primarily for business applications and lots of online activity. Quite speedy with outstanding battery life (9-cell battery). Compact size and solid construction make it ideal for travel. The new keyboard style has won me over - my old machine with its IBM style keyboard now seems klunky and clattery. The little red trackpoint is one of my favorite Thinkpad features - hope they never, ever, do away with this option. Can't comment on Lenovo support because I've never had to contact them--which is a testament to the quality of the product.

Highly satisfied
Date: Mar 05, 2013

I upgraded from the antiquated R series to X230. I am very impressed with the design as well as the performance of the laptop. I was wary of the redesigned keyboard. However, my misgivings were dispelled quickly. Overall, this laptop matched my expectations on every count.

Best laptop ever
Date: Jan 03, 2013
pros (6) Input/Output compatibility,Processor,Durability,Memory,Keyboard/peripherals,Display performance

This is the best laptop ever. Forget about Apple, Sony, Dell, HP etc. This little thing's performances can be comparable to a powerful desktop. The stock memory is DDR 1600, but can accept DDR 1866 to boot the performances. I like the full voltage processors.

An awesome machine
Date: Jan 01, 2013
pros (11) Battery,Weight,Processor,Memory,Wireless card,Keyboard/peripherals,Screen size,Build Quality,Storage,Display resolution,Display performance
cons (1) Warranty

The best Lenovo I have ever had. I have been a Lenovo fan since 2006 and have a Lenovo X201 as well. But the X230 is an amazing machine. The keyboard is so smooth, finger friendly that you would love to type for hours. I got a 9-cell battery, which runs for at least 12 hours. This is especially useful since I fly to Europe quite often and do a lot of work en route. The monitor, which is a HD premium, is very sharp and bright and you never get tired. The processor is also very fast and I really enjoy working with machine. I definitely recommend it for those who want a fast, powerful machine with long battery life. The best of 12.5 inch Thinkpads so far. Good job Lenovo.

Solid Matte screen performer
Date: Dec 23, 2012
pros (18) Battery,Input/Output compatibility,Weight,Warranty,Processor,Security Features,Support,Included software,Durability,Software compatibility,Memory,Bluetooth,Wireless card,Keyboard/peripherals,Screen size,Build Quality,Storage,Display resolution
cons (3) Video card,Display performance,trackpad

Looking for a mobile powerhouse used to run virtual machines and development work? Look no further, this solid laptop will please more advanced users. Relatively light and small without too much compromises. Opt for the extended battery as this will make it more useful and productive. Only negative is the trackpad where it should be like Apple's product. No complaints with the new keyboard design as the concave feel produces firm typing. Can max out memory to 16 GB and has mSata drive slot.

The Best Ever
Date: Nov 25, 2012
pros (20) Weight,Warranty,Security Features,Durability,Software compatibility,Bluetooth,Video card,Wireless card,Screen size,Build Quality,Display performance,Display resolution,Battery,Input/Output compatibility,Processor,Support,Included software,Memory,Keyboard/peripherals,Storage

I've owned dozens of Laptops. This is the best of the best. My biggest problem is having no desire to purchase an iPad. The X230 is light weight and does everything. It's portability is great. It's keyboard is great. It is lightning fast. It's the best laptop I have ever owned.

Solid Traditional Ultraportable
Date: Nov 10, 2012
pros (11) Weight,Durability,Wireless card,Build Quality,Display performance,Battery,Input/Output compatibility,Processor,Memory,Keyboard/peripherals,Storage
cons (1) trackpad

Pros: Very good build quality, magnesium structure, metal hinges, runs cool, bright and sharp IPS display, tactile keyboard, lightweight, good battery life. Cons: Poor trackpad (most people buying these will use the trackpoint anyways) Only 1336x768 resolution. Other: Battery Latch design is made to have some looseness to it, does not interfere in operation. I have owned an x230 for 4 months, and it has not given me any problems. The hardware is rock solid and makes many other Windows laptops look cheaply built. Compares well with the Macbook Air and other Ultrabooks, a member of a dying breed of full-power no compromise ultra-portables. The battery life is very good, I get 4-6 hours out of it with normal usage. Can be squeezed to 7-8 hours. Purchased on sale for $712 Specs: Core i5 2.5ghz, 4gb DDR3, 7200rpm 320gb HDD, Intel Wifi, IPS screen, 6 cell battery

The best business partners
Date: Nov 09, 2012
pros (19) Weight,Security Features,Durability,Software compatibility,Bluetooth,Video card,Wireless card,Screen size,Build Quality,Display performance,Display resolution,Battery,Input/Output compatibility,Processor,Support,Included software,Memory,Keyboard/peripherals,Storage
cons (1) Warranty

ThinkPad X230 Tablet is a classic, was China's Lenovo acquisition, but its still lasted IBM excellent genes, and given a new life, is a business are essential partners. Worth each black fans collection.

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